It may not look like it but thats what thid game
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It's not 2K21 MT about pride, but it's about WNBA players literally being unable to dunk in real life. I simply wonder how they would explain it. Either way memes will be madeIt is a simulation game really. It may not look like it but thats what thid game is accredited to be.I agree completely, hopefully they've discovered someway to make it even more enjoyable than just my livelihood.

This game in its entirety is realistic so I'm not understanding why it matters if everyone is fine and dandy with the current state of the match? They don't need to explain anything I gave up on 2k being a simulation experience quite a very long time ago. Folks already throw away memes so what's the distinction lol Its definitely about pride and insecurity for most of you. This isn't real life it's a video game.

They havent released any helpful info yet, but I'm willing to wager they will keep the WNBA in it. . .who understands though, a lot of people bashed onto it as being useless content to the masses that took up development resources over stuff most people play.

There are 3 versions

I have looked everywhere at the store and nothing is free. Been like this for 2 days now.I completed the daily bonus also and never buy mt coins got my own 2,000 VC for enjoying 10 games.Don't listen to that likely. . 2k18 premiered for PS3.