FIFA 21 Introduction
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For new FIFA players.
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FIFA 21 has lots of perks and advantages compared to FIFA 20. Most of these upgrades are related to graphical changes which only are visible in (PS5 and Xbox series X), new items & FUT packs, etc.

And to mention the disadvantages, the fact that you can't carry all your FIFA 20 items to FIFA 21 including your FIFA coins, Cards, Unopened Packs, Unassigned Items, etc.

This might be bad news for FIFA players. Although you might lose important values such as FIFA coins, there are similar ways as FIFA 20, to earn coins. Such as selling items using the quick sell option, trading items on FUT Transfer Market and buying FIFA 21 coins from dependable websites.

In FIFA 21, there is an introduced new mode called Co-Op which you can play the tournaments with your friends online and boost your coin earnings. You can read all about it here.


To have a better chance in FIFA 21, try to practice all the time and keep up with our tips in WhatsGaming blog.