What happens when you travel the ocean looking for ships to kill
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Once you've completed the OSRS GP exterior of your boat, you can begin to build the interior. You can hire a work crew to build decks, crew cabins (Crews will be discussed in the future) and different rooms (Most types of construction rooms). This can be accomplished using planks or metal bars. A wheel that is included with the frame is a crucial tool. When you've got that done, you can go down an incline and begin to build rooms. The tiny ship (Formerly your frame) has a lower deck.

Medium ship has 2 lower decks while the large ship can have up to 3 decks below. If you'd like to employ a crew you may. They're like servants in construction but preform different tasks. You'll need cooks and navigators. It is your responsibility to pay your crew cash and give them crew quarters. When you head out at sea, you can also store your supplies, such as alcohol and food, such as alchohal. Now when you go out into the sea, you won't be attacked by other ships, but you could be searched and stopped by a patrol vessel.

They will board your ship to make sure that you're not transporting people or weapons. There are passengers who will be willing to pay up to 10k based on the size of the boat. Any port in Runescape can be docked at. But, you aren't able to summon familiers, or any other creature. It is not permitted to bring pets on your boat. If you leave your vessel and do not back on for a while the ship and crew will remain in the port. The crew members are not allowed to board your ship. If you don't fire them, or don't pay them, or they are unhappy with the condition of your boat (e.g. inadequate food, insufficient sleeping spaces or sleeping areas, etc.), nobody can access your vessel.

Let's now move on to the mini-game. I'm still not deciding on the title for the mini-game at this point, so I will look at ideas. This is a highly dangerous mini-game. This is not a MULTI-COMBAT AREA! Example: Three ships are being carried by you. You come across a single armoured ship. One of your vessels is permitted to engage it. The other two vessels will not be able to fire on it, or engage it in any other manner.

Your crew, you, and OSRS gold for sale your boat may end up at sea. What happens when you travel the ocean looking for ships to kill. You will have a variety of weapons available, including bows and arrows, as well with a cannon that is dwarf, mage and catapult. Additional players may join your boat to help you. It is not possible to teleport away. You are only able to engage another ship when you spot it. If you sink it you may have your crew go in search of its treasures. Imager36 has a fantastic suggestion on how to board ships of enemies. If there are other members of your crew and players on your vessel, you are able to board the enemy ship. You will need to have greater agility based on the area you are boarding.