That is a direct quotation from Bobby Kotick
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I attempted wow since the guild I hang on ffxiv started there. I moved in and it was ok to start with. I ended up in a quest that took me to WOW Classic TBC Gold a dungeon and I had to stop as I needed to lfg to get to it, and if I got the guild to join they were overly levelled and one shot everything.


Ffxiv syncs everyone to the dungeon level and has a rapid four celebration dungeon finder/queue system, which is such a fantastic quality of life thing which it is a cinch to solo/group when as you need.


Mahbe wow does this today, but it had been such an supervision back once I tried it, like it's such an obvious thing to include to guarantee everyone can reach the same story beats.


That is a direct quotation from Bobby Kotick, who bought Mediagenic that turned to Activision, which bought a plethora of gambling studios, and buy WOW TBC Classic Gold united with Vivendi, and is currently Activision Blizzard: