That's the problem imo
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That's the problem imo. When I played BO3 zombies together with my friends, running around like idiots and having a goofy time was similar to Madden 21 coins last hotel if we were really tired. In Madden when you're at this stage, it shows that it is not taken seriously, they should either put the funds back to MUT and Franchise or wait till they're prepared for the lawn to be a serious game mode to release it. Do not get me wrong that the yard isn't bad but you have to actually try to have fun with it rather than like Minecraft where you can just hop in and enjoy most of the time. Same deal with face of the franchise, except I'm leaning more toward the Gutfoxx way of taking it out of the game entirely. Occasionally with friends. We dont play competitively though, we only fuck around. Yeah all of the laterals make it fun. Get fried, have a beer and chill ya know.

I'll break it down as well as I understand it. As a long suffering Jets fan, I remember back in 2010 when Revis hauled out. We kept getting upgrades through his right hand man - a pseudo agent who had been just his BFF from childhood or something, called John Geiger. Nobody really knew what this Geiger man did for Revis, but he promised to be the person you had to buy Mut 21 coins talk to to"reach Darrelle". Around the time the Revis-Patriots won the Super Bowl they apparently had a falling out, and Geiger was no longer able to ride Revis's coattails. And then somehow a couple of years after, he is a fashion designer. That's the best I can make of it.