I sort of stopped wanting to even talk to my villagers
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This motif Animal Crossing Bells and style is 100% my jam. I have been wanted to earn part of my island Bloodborne themed but did not have sufficient stuff for this, this helps somewhat.My island will be absolutely coated in pumpkins and no one can prevent me. So flippin' excited!My initial thought was"I'm going to burn down half of my island to make room to get a pumpkin farm. "I understand!! I wish leaves started changing earlier. I live in the hills in North Carolina and we are currently getting different colored foliage. I hate the leaves shift soooooo late in the match. I live in eastern NC and it is still completely green here. At least I can appreciate fall in animal crossing

The website also mentions the new horizons buttons are going to be going back available. Just FYI to anyone. So are amiibo cards!Haha fuck the ebay scalpers with the amiibo restock and acnh switch edition.I'm a fraud that has used illegitimate Amiibo cards, but only since the actual deals are either not availavle or hilariously overpriced.

It's not"relaxing" it is irritating. I Would like to create 3 of these damn items, let me place a QUANTITY

I don't see how they could continue to evolve in precisely the same way they have been. Decoration was taken almost as far as it could be; they have to improve the thickness of interactivity next. There is just no additional Alternatives

I truly miss the impolite, sassy villagers. What small advantage those personalities added to the sport made it feel so much more varied. I sort of stopped wanting to even talk to my villagers because I understand every single one will be fine and sweet. There is no surprise to it, it seems like they're all exactly the exact same character now. A world where every person is endlessly nice alllllll that the time feels fake and artificial.

This reminds me of this spongebob incident where squidward goes to the neighborhood along with different squids.

Got it, next Animal Crossing will possess KK.Slider getting drunk, getting divorced and dropping everything, eventually becoming a fist fight with his Ex's new boyfriend only to have his hands smashed so badly he could no longer play guitar, and buy bells animal crossing new horizons instead must resort to playing the Didgeridoo.