Next, main PK'ing and money making
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Someone will likely correct me on OSRS gold this particular figure, but I think that it's around 30k? Perhaps more, but definitely not less. Talking to Explorer Jack just north of the castle can get you started on this. I would really like to chat, help you out, gossip, etc.. Wonderful meeting you! Really like the username.


Second moment needing to type this article, as my damn netbook mouse made me delete my post. So, to sum up what I said: Stronghold of Security/Stronghold of Player Security. Located in Barbarian village and also a small south of Edgeville respectively, they give 10K and an EXP lamp or two.


Next, main PK'ing and money making. First of all, the account you're taking a look at making today is what's called a'MAIN' (although not normally in caps:o ) which usually means you train all the skills, and just generally try to max out. (PvM, incidentally, means Player versus Monster, therefore , an accounts chiefly made for killing creatures ) Anyhow, what I mean, is that PvP for recharging is rather simple.


Just ensure that your strength is obviously higher then your attack/defense by about 5-10 levels, have vengeance and turmoil. I know that these are a great deal of member's terms - and actually, I would sort of urge ignoring my advice here until you really reach around 120 CB and you understand what'Vengeance' and'Turmoil' are. I ready myself by bringing a spoonful of cheap RS gold water.)