To unlocking the Premium Rocket Pass four rewards
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Buy Rocket League Credits
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As said above, there's a few flexibility in relation to unlocking the Premium Rocket Pass four rewards. You will need to Buy Rocket League Credits buy both the Rocket Pass four Premium Track or the Premium Bundle, which cost around $10 and $20, respectively.

Buying the Premium Bundle will award you with 12 Tier tiers (and consequently rewards) on top of what you’ve already earned. As we defined above, too, you could purchase the Premium Track (or Premium Bundle) at any time all through Rocket Pass four. You will immediately liberate every object for your current Tier level when you do. Buying units of Rocket Pass Tier stages will paintings the same manner, too.

It turned into to begin with showed that the Rocket League Rocket Pass 6 quit date could be July 15, 2020, at the legitimate Rocket League website. Since the information submit approximately Rocket Pass 6 went up, however, Psyonix has removed mention of an cease date. As far as we’re concerned, though, you can count on Rocket Pass 6 to remaining until July 15, 2020.