Handling Miscellania minigame will be your main source of timber income
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However, you will be required to RS gold complete The Tourist Trap quest ahead. NPC Ordan is going to be there to offer you Iron Ore so you won't have to worry about mining it on your own. Said Ore should be smelted in the Furnace, which will turn it into the bars used to create Iron Darts at the Anvil. Although it may look like a wonderful method, you want to switch in the bow making later on for a higher experience ratio.


Handling Miscellania minigame will be your main source of timber income. With it, you will be able to receive large quantities of this Maple Logs. Those can be flipped into Unstrung Maple Longbows and later on ruined by the High Alchemy. This process will create minimal losses, but in return, you are going to get considerable quantities of Fletching experience and a decent one in Magic too.


If you're able to afford to purchase Broader Fletching perk from Slayer Master, you can use it to create Broad Arrows. They're also made in the Maple Logs, so in the event that you've learned how to use Managing Miscellania to your benefit, you need to have no trouble getting enough wood for this particular process.


HERBLORE. Becoming Ironman complicates a lot of things, and a few abilities become significantly more laborious, but Herblore is most likely the most confusing from all of them. Even at regular accounts, it isn't so easy to train this skill as the majority of the players purchase herbs from Grand Exchange and also make potions from them to cheap OSRS gold train this ability.