You are free to run yourself to a clan
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This is the principal reason I stopped clanning -. It was fun. And do not get me wrong clanners are there to join in on the fun, ignoring - because I had been.
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That's the thing, the idea of caves would be to encourage clan action despite you believing it only exists as a decent money maker for single players. You shouldn't be amazed team up on you to optimize their gains, although it is fair that you don't want to fight pkers. If you want to compete, however clear it seems, you are free to run yourself to a clan. Go do one of the additional 10 methods that is there any safe sites to buy runescape money are secure, if you want to earn money without the frustration of finding/organizing a group of people to struggle for a cause. But there isn't any profit killing somebody wearing snakeskin, crystal shield+1, and diary gear. Ranged is for just how much you need to risk to utilize it overpowered.

As much as I hate the meta, and getting struck in multi, gotta admit. I enjoy seeing what defense clans that are wildy have grown into. I find it the most interesting aspect of clanning/multi to occur so far. It is really cool to see gangs take control of land leasing accessibility to other players, in a game. Almost like it's some real life mafia shit (unfortunately, a few men and women take this to heart a little too far ). As the others have said, there is no secret with what they're doing - they don't have some fancy bargain with Jagex for something or your entire world. You're free pay for protection yourself, to join an alliance of clans that aims rev protection clans, or start your own clan/alliance.

Perhaps even join the protection clan itself. You're totally free to avoid multi, do additional wildy bosses in singles. Or prevent the wildy. Or, avert the 10-15% of worlds that have protection clans (and understand that arbitrary clans will still hop through intentionally ). Sometimes, it's very possible you might think a world has security though it doesn't, together with commonly pkers come through. That wasn't mentioned by you, but before somebody does..

This is unrelated to revs specifically and needs to be dealt with more. This is the principal reason I stopped clanning -. It was fun. And do not get me wrong clanners are there to join in on the fun, ignoring - because I had been. There could be shady people in a clan of 100 members. (but definitely more who do minor things like rwt). Jagex is currently doing nothing? About what? Any rules does break. Individuals have paid for overall protection, or to get matters like tbers because forever.When the clans dont maintain their end of the deal and basically scam the customers, the biggest issue is. And of course RWT is poor too. And are not those gamers collecting in one place a breach of distancing orders? And I really don't know whether they're reporting their earnings to the RuneScape Revenue Service. Not to mention that the animal abuse and illegal carry of weapons.Not actually, talking from experience engaging with these security ccs, the caves are so busy with pvmers competing for kills which it is literally (I really don't use the word lightly) impossible to pvm (particularly as a Ironman) some of the cc's are so efficiently run that you can pvm uninterrupted skulled as an Ironman for 17 hours a day without any interruption from neighbouring pvmers or pkers.

It run that's it valuable for everyone involved, no matter entry fee. There are however many rules to create it this efficient. If not for protection revs would never ever be well worth the time. From the best way to earn money in osrs moment I learned about Rev Cave Protection,'' I thought there'd be a end. I guess maybe not. It's on another level, although I understand that this is a portion of this, and this is an RPG. In which this kind of playstyle is the norm it could be loads of 27, I need to agree, from my experience with games such as Eve Online. The biggest problem I see (besides the RWT and bots) is the opposite mentality of the average OSRS player.