A good deal of folks have complained
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Neither are RS3 gold a bastion of game layout, just really worth doing. It's more fun than traditional skill training and decent gp together with the trade-off of being somewhat lousy EHP. Zalcano is not really excellent xp or fun. It's just really excellent gp. Boss fight is the exact same every single time.

Interesting is a view. Along with the exp is actually not terrible for mining. It'll level your mining over time for certain. It is a hell of a lot more enjoyable than any other approach to train firemaking or mining. BGH is the nearest thing we currently must skilling bossing.

I'd notice that the community has had a lot of apprehension towards skilling supervisors / difficult skilling previously, and even still now. I am not certain why they stated that in the past, but it wouldn't leave me surprised if it was due to them trying to square a skilling boss with the community's expectations for skilling. A good deal of folks have complained that skilling shouldn't have costly updates, should not have a mechanical skill variable, etc..

They have pretty clearly moved beyond that now though, they've made many a complex piece of skilling now such as an inarguable example of a skilling boss.

We have just announced a Structure Contracts-like update and a battle boss on flow, among others. Hopefully this goes a way to address it. To be entirely fair . You've announced a structure rework aswell years back, even revealed some WiP. A few decades later, we saw a few gamejam construction stuff that seemed promising, that also died. Why can we believe you the 3rd time around? I would love to see building getting some love, but it REALLY feels devs are frightened of touching the ability because of spaghetti and a possible.

I appreciate this, but should we let our previous put us off doing this, then we'd be in a much worse place. I am sure we'll soon be showing it on livestream shortly, so you can be reassured. From my standpoint, it's less about a fear of The Massacre or spaghetti code, and a prospective Structure Rework has set us off from doing other jobs, but we are buy RS gold moving forward with this one.