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You find a oak. As a giant, you grab he oak by the bottom. You tear it from the floor! Now the giant begins ripping it up. In case you have just begun the skill, you may break a few of OSRS gold the logs you've torn off. The greater lvl the chances are that you won't split it (like cooking). I will try and create this better after a while of consideration (or for some reason this gets shut )

Heres for all you combats. Lets say you have only made it out of seagull to a goblin! It will show your name out these minigames, etc.) It says your username for them to kill, but if they hover over you it shows that there is only a goblin! (ya I , theyd figure it out) but heres how it would also work out. The higher for the conversion lvl, the greater of a monster you can utilize. Would be dragon! You have 2 choices of assault. A melee attack, I figure slash, along with a magical attack, dragonbreath!all for combat here guys! Ill add more to I guess

Heres how you'd charge your change. There will be sure spots of water, with the capability to control your transfrom. You bathe inside for a moment and you are recharged! YAY! Ok, heres how you gain experience. For every time you do harm, or you simply take a skil, such as hunter, fishing, woodcutting, etc., you would find a little experience. The greater the damage, or the higher the lvl it takes to cut out that tree, the longer xp u get. Now, I no it will hinder and folks won't have to get the wc xp etc., but you will also require the lvl required from that ability you are using to do it. Thats all I could think of for now, I wil try and add more if possible.

Ok, if any1 read my previous topic about the mage emotes, I see they're suggestions so heres a new one. Of cb abilities. Ok heres the design. Let us say that you achieve, uhh such as 70 strength. You may go to your emote tab and there would be 2 tabs inside of those.He will ask you to find out what goes on there. Proceed into the mirrors and inquire Eblis about a tomb beneath the pyramid of Azzandria. He will tell you of an ancient King name Orien, which Orien was the first follower of Zaros that could utilize the Ancient Magicks. Ask about getting into the tomb and he will tell you the nearest relatives of his guardians have the bottoms of Orien. He'll ask you for 5 blood runes, two dragon bones, 10 ashes, and 5 charcoal. . Go into Mor'ton, first start getting your sanctity to 100% as it's at 100% use a ring of visibility on it to get a ring of prominence (e). Wear it and go towards the middle of Mor'ton and a black ladder should be there. Try and scale it but you personality can not grasp it. A message will appear stating"Only Ghosts... May. . . (Side Note: You don't have to wear the robes once inside the crypt but if wearing them Damis' prayer drain rate is cut in half) Just take the Ghostly Set and receive your sanctity to 100% and use a peice of it together with the sacred fire to acquire a ghostly peice(e). You need to Buy RS gold now do this over again until you get a complete set of enlightened ghostly robes. Now wind up on billboards ( About 24) and get ready for a lengthy fight. You should now be in an area full of level-128 ghosts. Run past them and open the gates, you're now in Damis' Crypt.