I hope this is an fantastic idea
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Today you'll need to RS gold acquire the golem, and write a new schooling for him and place it in his mind., and you'll also have to gather 2 friends that are up to the stage in the pursuit.

Now get your friends, weapons, armour,prayer, and meals and prepare to teleport to the rune essence... till you find that the mages have lost their minds. Upon searching them you will discover a bit of parchment. It educates you how to make a tele-tab into the rune essence. You will have to get: two law runes, a bit of soft clay or moltern glass, and 10 rune essence. Make the teletabs, team up with your own team and teleport into the essence.

Now everybody will select a rune-essence column, chant the incantation you were given (again everyones is different) and four demons will be summoned. Every one of these are lvl 127 and 1 may utilize mage-range,1 will utilize range-mellee, 1mellee mage, and another will utilize all three styles.maximum hits are 10 for every style, plus they have 105 hitpoints. (harm can only be dealt with them with the holy pickaxes)

When your team has defeated the demons portal will re-open in the character mine. Exit through them and speak to one of those mages to receive your reward. Reward: 10k magic xp. Rune essence backpack (holds 10 rune character, takes up cape area) Ability to make teletabs to the rune essence mines, you can chose that mage into teleport out to. Either an extra 5k mage and range/ at and str, based on which superhero you struggled. Holy pickaxe (above rune at mining es, equiv to addy in other ores), untradeable. New rune essence teleports (kolodion (mage arena) and any of the guardians in the alkharid mage arena. A runecrafting map which reveals the a;tar locations, and the restored altars.

I hope this is a fantastic idea... To create soups you must have finished hamburgers assistant. After that, the cook will give u salt and pepper. Other needings are a bowl (can be purchased at the general store or smithed from 1 steel bar at LVL 31) A bowl, a location for water, and a knife. So, let's begin using an onion soup (cooking LVL 10 needed). Bring the first soup material with you and the ingredients( for buy osrs gold safe onion soup that is two onions)