This is a brand new minigame in runescape that you are transported into an alternate universe
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Burthorpe was once the capital of Asgarnia, was a location in which the King was sick RS Gold. I have a surprise in store for you. It isn't very grand. The castle has the only wall, so an attack by the trolls could be devastating. Additionally, the castle wall is broken near the top which could be the place where trolls may attack. But, scaffolding is there, but it isn't being repaired or protected by guards. It's truly absurd! Not only that, the city has never been painted, making it really appear dull, boring and useless.


A city of grandeur could be larger than Falador. It would be surrounded by massive walls and huge gates. There are also rooms for guards to rest, drink tea, and eat in. The castle would have a tall, thick sturdy tower at each corner, each packed with rooms of importance.


A number of houses could be built to ensure that all occupants are safe, similar style similar to Falador however, it would be with black. Each house would have an adequate size, have a bedroom and bathroom, and be large enough to allow for living.


Burthorpe's walls would contain an library, a small museum, and learning facilities. There could also be a school nearby. Another problem with Burthorpe is that it's the only bank in Burthorpe (I'm not counting the Warriors Guild as part of Burthorpe) located situated in the Thieves den Buy Old School RS Gold, not good for a Capital city, eh? Two banks would exist one located in the North and one in the South.