I am assuming you have already done
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I was anticipating the Animal Crossing Bells Traverse Town song...I'll cut him slack, since he says this entire project is in progress.

I am assuming you have already done this but If you haven't I posted a traverse town island tune to make your island feel just that little bit more like Traverse Town

This is fantastic! I really like the way you managed to find every entry to lineup!

Ahhh I actually have done this but did not think to include it at the video! I guess a nice surprise for Anybody who visits haha

This is so good that I half expected to find an evil spotlight shining somewhere in the square together with the museum.

Damn, this is really really great. Having the Villager houses lined up at which the Hotel is was smart

Wowowowow just awakened and watched these amazing messages thank you!!! I am new to reddit and do not really know awards and whatnot yet just another thank you to people who gave one!

I don't have any clue just how many hours it required but the preparation started about paper a week or so before I unlocked terraforming (no moment traveling on MY island!) .

For anybody who's keen to visit, my fantasy address is DA-1734-3691-8578. Just Remember that the rest of my island is a disgusting mess lmao

This is my first AC game and I only learnt as I went, while planning on paper in route. I saw some additional tutorials to assist (eg Tak Gaming, would recommend!) And that I could not do a much better job at it !

Don't hesitate to come turn my island in to Traverse Town! Hahaha, now you've got to get yourself and your friends dressed up like the town's locals.

Hands down this is wonderful! Pretty sure most animal crossing players who adore KH would really like to see this place!

Impossible to say that I started working on it around a month and a half ago and kept at it on and off bit by bit during this Buy Nook Miles Ticket time. Still little pieces that I am gonna keep working !