Pick up the Possesed Key and visit Zanaris
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Willderness alternative. Once again I use the new f2p accounts boundry against the gold sellers!As f2p may utilize volcano,and OSRS gold associates can use the members willderness! (In english the willderness is shortened,and is just the members area and above).This way the gold vendor is going to have to get associates and so will purchaser,then there high chance of revant killing dem!Or even a pker if they so unluckey!But once more a flaw,the adrounge lever!So I believe there should be level requirment to use!Say level 50+? This way they have to walk dangerously or level up them!


In shor terms :Mature members willderness is there,however f2p willdernes is not.Also there's 50+ level limit to utilize adrounge willderness lever! The staking/money alternative! All this is,is that make the limitation much more higher!Say 50k? In brief phrases:All this is,that make the limit more higher!Say 50k?Use the key of the charred key on the door. Return to Chaedler and ask about"A Key of Revenge" he will tell you that his good friend Duridel will know about it. Proceed to Duridel at Shilo Village and inquire about the key. He'll tell you a wild boar has a key around its neck.


Pick up the Possesed Key and visit Zanaris. Enter the portal and be ready to fight the king. The Level-209 Otherworldly King will destroy the portal. Strike him with shield from magic, he'll throw fire tide and then drain your prayer quickly. Kill him and buy RuneScape gold pick up the horn that he drops and exit. Take the horn to Chaedler, who will then give you the Amulet.