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The Real View if Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program

We are a nation of caregivers and our poor hip flexors don't thank us.

The hip flexors are a group of muscles in the front of the hips that allow you to pull your knees toward your chest.

When sitting, the hips remain in this bent position. Although they allow you to achieve this movement, the hip flexors are not designed to last long periods of time, and in fact their true function is quite the opposite.

The true function of the hip flexors is to catch and slow down the leg in the later step of your walking cycle, and then shoot the leg forward in your next step (or explode). This allows us to have a long and efficient step when walking.

If our hips were unable to extend behind our body due to very tight hip flexors, we can start walking very differently. Let's imagine we have hip flexors so tight that we can't stretch our hips while walking - this is more common than you think! How do we think the body can adapt?

We are often asked how to stretch hip flexor muscles and sore muscles to relieve pain. A certain amount of isolation is required to better stretch this muscle group, otherwise, it can put excessive strain on the lumbar spine or the front of the hip joint. To better understand how these muscles stretch, let's look at where they are and how they work.

There are many muscles that flex the hip, but there are two main muscles that make up the hip flexor group: the Psoas Major and the Iliacus. If you look at the image, you will notice that the psoas extends to the lumbar spine. However, the iliac is attached to the inside of the pelvis. Both muscles cross the hip joint and adhere to the femur, causing the leg to move/raise (the action of hip flexion).

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