What is the top MyTEAM NBA 2K22 Player Card?
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The blocking system has been revamped to make it more efficient in the NBA 2K22 game and are now giving rim protectors more tools to help them make amazing stop at the rim NBA 2K MT Coins. Additionally, on PS5 we've added timing meters for alley-oops and difficult skill dunks.


When an alley pass is being made in air, then you'll have to push the Shot Button precisely at the right timing to complete the alley-oop. And on the dunking side, holding Sprint and pulling straight on the Pro Stick will trigger the brutal skill dunks.


For NBA 2K21, we debuted the player builder, a new feature on PS5 which let you create your attribute caps however you'd like. We've made several changes to the system this year, which includes significantly increasing the amount of badge points available at your disposal. We also made it easier to distinguish all badges available, the cost for each tier, and the attribute thresholds required to be met for each stage.


Also, there's a brand-new MyPLAYER upgrade, which is exclusive to PS5 called Takeover Perks. These are modifiers that you can unlock and use to enhance your existing Takeover capabilities Buy MT 2K22! We won't list them out since we want them to be unexpected However, it's an amazing update to Takeover system that adds a level of depth and precision to the way you compete online.