It saves you a lot of time and provides a little gold
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Speak to OSRS gold him about the Pyramid Top and following the conversation go to the Pyramid Course. If your Agility is over 51 you should not have too many problems with obstacles. If you've been able to make it to the surface of the Pyramid afford the item lying there and return to the NPC which you've previously discussed. Today he'll pay you 10k gold for every Pyramid shirt that you bring him.

To start off you want to get in the fantastic Kourend which can be accessed via ship in Port Sarim. When you reach the vent, talk to Veos who is standing south of the inn. Ask him whether he could take you to the Port Piscarilius. From there you should travel west until you locate Kourend Castle. In front of the castle gates there's a significant obelisk. Inspect it to get into the cave. After that you would like to run south until you see a crack in the wall - squeeze it. Now go west and you are able to battle Twisted Banshees there. There is a safe place from where you can shoot Banshees that is situated in the south of this area.

Even though you won't make as much money here as well as other methods, it lets you also train while earning some extra gold. In addition to that, make certain that you bring some High Alchemy runes if you're able to cast that spell because they fall items like Battlestaves and Adamantite Shields.

You may begin by going to the trapdoor situated north west of Lumbridge Castle. When you're inside cultist cave, go behind the guy which speaks to cultists and there - just beneath the wall - you will find a concealed trapdoor. If you don't see it then you have likely not finished the Death of this Dorgeshuun quest. Inside you may find H.A.M. guards and all these are your targets.

Just like with previous method, it is ideal to bring some High Alchemy runes to maximize gains. It saves you a lot of time and provides a little gold gain to your loot pool. When you finally fill your inventory with keys, you should begin collecting rewards. Head over to each of those rooms nearby and start opening chests. If you run out of space just simply High Alch your loot and keep on with stealing - jewelry could be sold in Port Sarim. If you don't have High Alchemy that your very best option would be about to Draynor cheap RS gold Village bank.