How much are Lost Ark Twitch drop rewards?
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There are two mokoko seedlings close to the barrier and another one if you follow the path further off the map , to the southeast just past the well Lost Ark Gold. There's an obvious jump point on the mokoko side of the barrier, which means it's easier to return.


Lost Ark sixth mokoko seed in Rattan Hill


Port now towards Cold Haunted House. From the triport , head west past the first few abandoned housesand head north. You'll see some large stone steps leading to a big building. The sixth mokoko is located next towards the incense burner the right from the bottom of the step.


Lost Ark seventh mokoko seed in Rattan Hill


Continue straight to the south of the Open Grave Triport. At the bottom of the trail, the point at which it turns east, get up onto the wooden planks located on the western side. There's a door here to the room that is the home of The Dr. Sakeel. Inside, in the middle near the bottom of a ladder by a bookcase, is the seventh seed.


Lost Ark eighth mokoko seed in Rattan Hill


Follow the west direction starting at the point where you will find the Open Grave Triport stands, crossing the wooden bridge. From there, head north to"The Brigand's Dragon. Take on the first of the enemies and then head towards the wooden guard towers best place to buy Lost Ark Gold. In direct view on the grass, you'll see your eighth mokoko seed.