The quantity of freedom you need to make your town
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Then that Animal Crossing Bells complaint also applies to the other games except maybe the original. In addition, I feel like people are missing/ignoring the new dialogue added each month ingame along with the simple fact that villagers will usually say something special if you talk to them more than 2-3 times. It is not like older games did not have the problems of dialogue repeating villagers of the identical kind feeling like the same individual.

The situational dialog the first 2-3 times is definitely the worst aspect of speaking to villagers and most likely why folks believe that they have no personality. The funny and interesting dialog being concealed behind it makes it tedious sometimes. I don't care that somebody saw me burying money again , I wish to hear about your wacky antics!

They're also all a little too sweet, which seems kind of bland and generic. But frankly I've never been randomly told off by a few of my friends/neighbors IRL therefore it's realistic in a way. A little sass would not hurt, however.

I really don't feel like villagers were really that more varied in older games. Realistically it comes down to having things to do/reasons to check in on the game that keeps people playing. I am not convinced a little more conversation is the gap between 50 hours and 500.

I'd like to see any information on this. It actually feels like there is more diverse conversation in this one than at any the prior one's to me, and I have got countless hours in every single game. Only difference is that the absence of meaner villagers compared to the first. However, I seriously doubt that is the difference maker between 50 and 500 hours to get a lot of people in any way.

You need to keep talking to them for to the interesting and more diverse stuff, which remains an issue since few people talk to their villagers over a few times per day.

I concur, I played the game for about a week and then realized Stardew does everything this match does but does it even better.

The simple fact that the most upvoted remark in this thread asks trying characters to have stats for mini-games says so much about how the men and women who whine about AC on this sub really don't have any urge to play with AC. You would like AC to be a very different game. I've put a ton of hours to every AC, and NH is without a doubt, the biggest step the franchise has taken since the first game. The quantity of freedom you need to make your town your own is foolish in buy Animal Crossing Items contrast to the prior game.