The mission framework in Runescape is one of my top MMOs
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If you've managed climb to the top of Pyramid Take the item that lies there and then return to the NPC whom you previously spoken to OSRS Gold. Now he will pay you 10k gold each Pyramid Top that you bring to him. Repeat this process whatever time you'd like.


For the first time, you have to access the Great Kourend which can be accessible via boat from Port Sarim. When you reach the port, make contact with Veos who is standing at the southern end of the inn. Ask him to transfer you to Port Piscarilius. From there, go west until you find Kourend Castle. In front of the castle's gates is an enormous oval obelisk. Examine it for a way to get inside the cave.


After that you want to move south until you find a crack in the wall . You can squeeze through it. You can then go to the west side and will be able to battle Twisted Banshees there. There's a safe location from which you can shoot Banshees located in the very south of this area.


Although you will not earn as much money here as with other methods however, you can also train while making some extra gold. On top of that, make sure to bring the High Alchemy runes, if you're able cast that spell since they'll bring items such as Battlestaves along with Adamantite Shields.


You can begin by heading to the trapdoor that is located to the north west at the back of Lumbridge Castle. When you are inside cultist cave, go behind the man who talks to cultists . In the cave - just below the wall you'll discover a hidden trapdoor. If you don't find it then you have probably not been through your Death of the Dorgeshuun quest. Inside you will discover H.A.M. Guards and these are your goals 2007 RS Accounts. Just as with previous method It is recommended to take some High Alchemy runes to maximize profits.