The purpose here is that your attempting to escort RuneScape
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Go to Captain Murk and you'll set sail. Once you come to a broken wall that the boat will stop and Captain Murk will let you know to dive there RS Gold. Go down and you will discover a shipwreck. Proceed to a doorway and a guard will prevent you and knock you out. You will then wake up in a prison at the palace. Talk to a few of the guards and ask him why you were put into jail. The guard will tell you that you're wearing no symbol.


He will tell you to get some specimen of the individual which should do the job. Return and kill the"Chief Servent." He doesn't have healed since you continue attacked him it shouldn't be difficult. Take the hair to osman and he will tell you there's a mage from the west who can transform you into someone else.


Go to the makeover Mage just north-west of Rimmington and speak to him. Request him if they could turn you into another person. They'll tell you they require a specimen of the person, three vials of water, and 1k for their own services. Give them the items and they will make"Strange Potion." They will instruct you to drink this just when you have to impersonate the person as each potion gives 10 moments of stolen identity.


Return to the hideout and attempt to open the doorway. Ensure you have the Hideaway ring on and the hideout map on your stock along with the axe if you are utilizing woodcutting and strength plus a rope to utilize agility. Lower levels are indicated to have some food, adequate armor, and plenty of both runes or arrows and teleport runes. You must also be wearing the black robe shirt to be disguised as the servent.


This can be when to consume the first"strange potion." Click here"open door" and the door will ask you the title of your master or need to find the master's crest. You can chose either as proof of authority to input, however, the master's title is random for every player and the doorway will end up a level 35"Guard Spirit." Grab it quickly and enter. Next is a trapdoor that demands to see a gift that the master gives only to his servents. Show this trapdoor the ring. If you are not wearing it, nothing will happen, you will just be denied entry.


After going through, you will be in a principal chamber will other servents running around with trays and a man with a thieving skillcape on in the middle of the space Buy Old School RuneScape Gold. Speak to him and he will ask you why you took so long cleaning the doorstep. Simply reply"dust storms" and he will pass off you and tell you to visit the attic and bring down his lockpicks. Go to the attic and deliver the lockpicks which were lying on the table down.