EA Sports' "Madden" ratings aren't always the best
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In the previous year, the Lions First-round draft selection Jeff Okudah earned an overall rating of 76. After an injury-plagued year, it will be interesting to find out how the Lions' first-round pick is in Madden 22 coins Madden this year.


As we draw closer to the release date, which is August 17th, Pride of Detroit will provide additional analysis and ratings details.


NFL rookies are disappointed 'Madden22' ratings: "You have to change the way you do that."


EA Sports' "Madden" ratings aren't always the best, especially to rookies.


With "Madden 22" which will be released on Aug. 20th, EA had first-year players determine their debut scores. Consider the rookies surprised -- - and mut 22 coins buy perhaps shocked by their first-ever numbers.