And let's not forget the journey itself
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And let's not forget the journey itself. So, in MT 2K22 this guide, we'll provide you with some tips on how you could possibly fix the problem. They've helped people, and I'm sure you find at least one of the solutions will work for you too. So, without further delay, where we go.


To get rid of the NBA 2K22 Drama Trade Rumors issue that blocks you from completing the quest and may even prevent you from doing much of any activity, there are a variety of options to do. One is to continue watching Kendrick's rant every time in your phone.


In this case, I'm talking about your phone in the game not the real one. Also, you can alter your apartment's name by changing the settings. Then go back and watch it. There are other options you could accomplish, for instance, run group practice or perform some other activities then watch the rant again.


For the "official" solution, the best 2K have accomplished so far is reinstalling the game and / or clearing your cache. Therefore, it's worth trying if all else fails. Whatever the outcome, it's a huge annoyance, one in the multitude of problems that players have faced thus far.


Of course, the only real The Drama Trade Rumors bug fix in NBA 2K22 can come from the creators. Luckily, according to the automated responses some players have received, 2K and Visual Concepts are aware of Buy NBA 2K22 MT the issue and are presumably looking for the solution.