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Go up the ladder of the temple, jump from the window onto the ledge, and follow the path up to the summit OSRS Fire Cape. Lucien will try to become god by taking Seren's power. But, he'll begin to seem quite stunned. He will eventually realize that his own strength has been diminished by combining the power of Armadyl with his own, as Armadyl's power is evil while Armadyl’s is positive. Lucine will not believe it until he is down to his knees. Realizing that he needs to get rid of the staff of Armadyl, he talks to you: Fine. You're welcome! First, I need your word that you will let me go.


You'll find another method of getting power. It's not a problem. This power won't end my life. I can cause some damage... Okay. You can believe me. If you have the staff, you may walk. We have an agreement. Catch. (Lucien tosses the staff of Armadyl at you, but the staff is thrown to you, but a Dragonkin named Kinress Nesazi appears and is able to grab it before it gets back to you.) What's the matter? How useful you have been, Lucien. But not anymore.


Hreidmar is captured by Zanik, who teleports him to Arposandra. Brimstail withdraws from Glouphrie having learned how to damage his reputation, but ultimately been unsuccessful. Things are only beginning, but for the moment.... The rewards are: Lucien's Amulet You cannot wear it, access to Arposandra access to Arposandra, and ability to go to an area of the Dragonkin lair. Lucien's Amulet is available at the Runestone Reverser within the Runecrafting Guild, and use the amulet that is on it. You can earn 120K experience in any skill 4 times by using it.


Arposandra Take a trip through the Sewer Dungeon. Glouphrie can be fought in this area. You can only harm him with magical attacks. At times, he will become invincible unless you destroy the Summoning familiar. The health of the character will decrease and he will disappear in the air. He will leave valuable items in your wake and the room will be filled with dark energy Buy RS Gold. Until Glouphrie is reborn, everyone within the room will be hit with 2 damage per second or more.