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Lineage2M includes a variety of Lineage 2M Diamonds classes that shift according to the six different types of weapons you can choose from and also the race of the character. Also, you can transfer to a character with a entirely different style while playing the game. All your time spent creating a high-quality character will not go to waste which allows you to play using everything the class system can offer.




Lineage2M's gameplay loops are a loop that cycles back and forth between PvE (player vs environment) action as well as PvP (player against players) action. Incentivizing players to battle each other in boss hunts spread across the open world. However, it's not all about the player! An individual player doesn't have a possibility of taking on a boss on themselves, but working alongside other players to defeat an enemy common to all means riches, stat-boosting books and, of course, lasting friendships with new acquaintances.




In the spirit of friendship Take advantage of Lineage2M's optional Clan system. Join a clan to experience new content, like epic boss battles. Increase the prestige of your clan with questing contributions and facilitate membership growth for the development of the Clan Hall or cheapest Lineage 2M Diamonds Clan Shop that will give you the sharing of bragging rights and bonds.