What is Zaros's appearance?
Posted in History
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You are able to return to Azzanadra after RuneScape Mobile gold you have obtained all of the seals. It's great! The seals are all yours! I've organized an event for a handful of gods. Do you want to attend a meeting? Yes. Yes. Other gods have accepted the release of Zaros in exchange for his being maintained under strict supervision. Confinement? A pyramid that small could be considered too small for a god. Zaros remains Majharrat. His dimensions are approximately the same as ours. What is it with Zamorak. Is he not a Majharrat as well? It is, but Zaros's curse upon him has caused him to be to be deformed. He is now large and looks just like his demons.


What is Zaros's appearance? Well, he always had his face covered in a sand colored scarf, however he also had shoulder-length hair. Pitch black. His purple eyes were also the reason why he was a fan of the color purple. The robe he wore was identical to the scarf, but it covered his entire body, with the exception of the arms. The only thing that distinguishes him is his hair, skin, eyes, and age. Let's talk about this meeting...


{Dialog willthe form of what Azzanadra will say before you enter the meeting. The meeting will include five NPCs: Azzanadra Bright Light Bright Light Hard Rock Thick Jungle and High Cloud. These four gods are normally inanimate objects. Saradomin is, Bandos Guthix and Armadyl and Guthix are the gods that support you. You will need to choose one of these men and they will provide the weapon. However, you must first to buy OSRS gold prove that you are able and trustworthy.