Would you choose to buy MLB The Show 21 Stubs?
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The game is very good at rewarding user ability levels, and with frequent playing, you will easily have the ability to compete with many online players. While people with this sub like to MLB 21 the show stubs talk crap about the sport, the truth is the devs are constantly trying to eliminate aggressive exploits. I've been mostly pleased with the evolution of the game over the past 7yrs. I hope they can fix bunting mechanics this year. That said, my favorite aspect of the game is that the pay-to-perform facets of the diamond dynasty. It'll be hard to field a highly competitive team with investing an additional $$-- it's possible for those who grind, but only if you do. Otherwise expect to need an extra $25-$50 to acquire a few gold/diamond level players. My just wish is that somehow I'm ready to get my father (65yo) to the game. I'll have to become an expert myself... I'll be happy to do it.

Coming from a man who is still in the noob level... Each of the bonuses is mainly for enjoying the diamond dynasty. So I would say try to read up on that more and see if you will play with that. If you are simply going to play together with your local staff and playing against buddies in that manner then the bonuses will not really matter.

I had never really played until the series 18 and I got it super late (if it was $10 or whatever). I mainly played online with my brother and with the children just using the standard teams. I tried DD and did not get it and moved on. I then went back to it a month and LOVED it. Doing the challenges and trying to acquire different men was way more entertaining to me than another gameplay. The diamond dynasty gameplay really got me pumped about 19 and this is the first time I am even pre-ordering a sports game. And that's to get some free bonus shit for the gemstone dynasty.

I wish they'd have the Gone Yard Edition at Best Buy, will definitely get it for $80. However, I traveled with MVP digital. Great analysis. I preordered the Digital Deluxe for me and my son again this year (did it last year as well). I was not impressed with past yrs, but the choice of a diamond, as well as the BIAH package, brought me in. I'm very enthusiastic about this cheap MLB The Show 21 Stubs...I believe they have done some great improvements and I love the"moments" concepts.