It seems like people are truly into Elden Ring
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You don't like it? Cool. Absolutely nobody would ever ask you to pick this one. It's not going to Elden Ring Items take away from your own accomplishments. Perhaps, if it was there some people would want to experience these games are held in such a highly regarded manner. Or (and here's the elephant on the table) are they regarded as so highly, simply because you are proud of the fame of having been through it through to completion?


The developers have talked about it but for now regardless, it's not something they are planning to introduce.Fair enough. I'm making progress as it is, slowly , but surely.I am curious, however If FromSoftware created a more difficult difficulty... would that be acceptable?


Elden Ring's playing time is almost two days on Steam


It seems like people are truly into Elden Ring. At least, that's what the statistics on average playtime show.Not that the ridiculous critical reviews, record-breaking views on streaming platforms, or the astounding sales numbers don't demonstrate Elden Ring's success already. But, the no-cost Chrome extension Steam Augmented reveals some interesting facts about Elden Ring on Elden Ring Runes for sale the PC.