If you had been stuck meddling in Rocket Leagues Platinum rank
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If you (like me) had been stuck meddling in Rocket League‘s Platinum rank, there’s hope on Rocket League Prices the horizon. Season three dropped on Wednesday, and with it comes a reset to the competitive rankings. A clean, new begin for any annoyed gamers.

It should be noted that for existing gamers, the reset is gentle. Though you’re currently Unranked, your MMR from ultimate season will bring over. The 10 placement fits function a benchmark, of types. It’s a test to peer if your rating in Season 2 become accurate — for better or worse.

The new season also brings a bevy of new cosmetic gadgets to ogle at. Outside of the Rocket Pass, bright new Season Rewards are up for lolga.com  grabs. Here’s everything you need to realize about Rocket League’s rating machine in Season three.