Cosmic system Opal Kawhi Leonard Leads NBA 2K20 Prime Collection III Cards Release
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Despite the NBA's near ubiquity the league is not without issues, especially in its ratings department Nba 2k22 Mt. The average viewership for the NBA Finals, which featured the Los Angeles Lakers as well as the Miami Heat, was 7.5 million over the course of six games. The figure is 51% lower than NBA Finals 2019, where the Toronto Raptors overtook the Golden State dynasty.


For those who want to gain a new perspective, Game 6 of 1998 NBA Finals was the most watched game ever in NBA history. The game was where Michael Jordan won his sixth championship , beating Stockton and Malone Utah Jazz. The game was watched by 35.9 million viewers.


There are various theories on why the NBA's ratings are declining according to its polarization, the dominance of LeBron and the coronavirus pandemic as well as the growing trend of 'easy way out' superteams and superteams, but these are arguably for the viewers to discuss.


One thing is certain, though. NBA fans are awestruck by their drama. The ratings show the popularity of compelling stories , such as Jordan's final season with the Bulls or the incredible victory of the Cavaliers against the Warriors and the matchup in 2010 between the Lakers buy 2k22 mt, Celtics and Celtics.