There's an array of diverse gems found in Diablo 2: Resurrected
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River of Flame (Act 4)Moving to Act 4, there aren't many waypoints in the area. That makes establishing farming spot favourites a bit more difficult D2R ladder items. That's why the majority of players visit River of Flame River of Flame as both an opportunity to mine gold and as an opportunity to test whether their characters are equipped to withstand some of the toughest challenges.


River of Flame has clustered monsters and lava that only a Barbarian equipped with Leap or an Sorceress using Teleport could use at their own advantage. Additionally Hephasto, the Armor is always eager to take out the players. If they manage to conquer these challenges They'll be well-rewarded.


Chaos Sanctuary a.k.a. Diablo Run (Act 4)In the event that they fail to find anything substantial or desirable or valuable in the River of Flame, players are able to move on to the next huge area, which happens to be Diablo's home, Chaos Sanctuary. Also, it has one of the most formidable and most generous enemies in the game.


If the monsters aren't dropping something interesting, then Diablo himself definitely will. It's good to know that Diablo isn't too hard of to eliminate as a boss d2r items for sale. Diablo's savage attacks are easy to stay clear of and even the most budget-friendly Bonemancer build can take care of Diablo.