The Empty Lord was a powerful god
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"The Empty Lord was RS3 gold a powerful god, more powerful than any of those others awake at the time, possibly even as strong as Guthix is, and Zamorak was but a mortal: a Mahjarrat warrior all the same, with all of the strength and power that entails, but mortal however, but to see him fight, you would not think about him as a'mere' anything. . .He was war ! Flurry following flurry of blows he rained upon the Empty Lord, and the castle walls shook and quivered with their electricity, but the Empty Lord wouldn't fall! Even with all the weapon of a god embedded in his back, he fought on, and with every blow our success appeared less and less particular..."

However, what is Zaros' true allignment? What exactly does he intend? Could he be evil, or great? Many, such as Senliten, the Pharaoh Queen, watch him as a foul monster, that allied himself with the evil creatures of the world. However, ones such as Eblis suggest that Zaros was not really bad - the same goes with Akthanakos and Azzanadra. Azzanadra, as a matter of fact, seems like a fair Mahjarrat, and chose to use diplomacy rather than mass murder and mind control in the Digsite, watching as it would achieve him the same. This goes against all we've observed concerning the Mahjarrat, thought to have been violent and wicked creatures. Even Ali the Wise suggests that we don't know enough about them to think about them a threat yet. Given the recent events with Lucien and others like Zemouregal, we're more concerned with the zamorakian threat. Once that is completed, Azzanadra uses the Communion Portal by the altar to communicate with Zaros. Although he is not back yet, Azzanadra will continue to contact him, to get additional information of what he has to do in order to bring him back to Gielinor. What he plans we don't understand yet, as he instructed Azzanadra to help keep it a secret - but we will find out, eventually, for it seems we are to play a role in it. Yes, Zaros needs us. But for what, only time will tell...

You might or might not remember that I have made a thread on the topic March this year, about the Q&A that was released then, at which Paul and others triumphed in Zaros' return. I am buy OSRS gold happy to have been correct. So, what are your ideas on this?