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Old school RuneScape Improves Group Ironman With Teleportation and a New Storage expansion Buy OSRS Gold. It's the Old School RuneScape Group Ironman mode received some enhancements in today's update. It also includes the result of Ultimate Ironman death pile feedback, a website change, and many more.


The center of the update is a series of improvements and adjustments in Group Ironman . It is now possible to teleport directly to your teammate's house through the Teleport to House spell. This spell has two new options, Group: choose and Group: previous.


The first lets you choose which group to teleport to and the other takes you back to the house you last visited. There are some requirements to work , including that the owner is in the same planet as you are and is not in Build mode. All players are able to enter houses owned by the player that are locked and have no private settings enabled. This is only applicable when you're friends with the owner.


Group Ironman also gets a storage expansion option that is available when you complete certain tasks. The interface for storage for groups has the latest update, which includes an option that lets you click to open a list of tasks you can complete that will allow you to expand the size of your storage group. These will be group-wide so they will track. A few of the examples were to set up with a Rune Platebody or achieve various amounts of points goals.


Changes to death piles in Ultimate Ironman were proposed back in December. The community has been heard. Comments on the changes were positive for the most part However, players were concerned about memory space since there's a lot of items that appear on one tile, the world will be able to start deleting them to maintain stability rs3 gold. The team has confirmed within this release that items will be saved on their own list whenever death occurs because death will be reported to the player save and not the world save.