Rothun is the capital of Rohendel
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It is believed that the Astray Ship is the best vessel that can be found in Lost Ark, featuring the fastest speed of all vessels of the same type and Lost Ark Gold a decent resistance to hazardous water kinds. It is not surprising that getting a vessel of this quality takes a lot of work but those who invest the effort will find their efforts worthwhile. However, there are a few prerequisites to be met before Lost Ark characters embark on their quest to acquire the most desirable ship on the market.


The first step is to be able to navigate the waters of Arkesia by finishing the quest "Set Sail!" which is a mission that marks the conclusion to the East Luterra narrative. The next step is that Lost Ark fans must reach the level 50 in order to unlock a particular Daily Quest in Una's Tasks, "Pest Control," that requires players to fight off pirates on Blackfang's Den, an island. Blackfang's Den. Then, "She Drifts, Sea Gifts" is a different Daily Quest that must be unlocked in order to obtain one of the essential parts to construct Astray.


If you're not aware, Rothun is the capital of Rohendel which is a region in late game that requires players to buy Lost Ark Gold reach the Item Level 460 within Lost Ark to enter the continent. Additionally, two quests that are prerequisite, "A New Voyage" and "Wall of Procyon," are also required to raise the player's ship to Level 2, which grants the player access to Rohendel. Queen Ealyn will be presenting the two quests to adventurers once they've completed the whole questline of North Vern.