Scouting starts in Week 1
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While the delay is difficult to Mut 22 coins digest, EA provided a deeper dive into Scouting and it definitely appears to be an improvement on the current system. On the blog, EA presented us with the actual season of scouting Franchise mode.


Scouting starts in Week 1. Here you can look at the draft class in place and view the National Region of the Region Breakdown Map to find the class of draft. You'll be able to see general strengths and weaknesses of the draft class. You can then modify your Scouting team (hire or fire, or re-assign scouts) so that they better correspond with the initial analysis of the draft class.


As an example, if for example one of cheapest madden 22 coins the advantages of the Southeast region is cornerbacks, ensure that you assign the scout that is skilled in scouting cornerbacks in order to reap the greatest benefits. You're responsible for optimizing the five scouts you have assigned to assist you in finding those draft gems.