The middle age of England (around 1150)
Posted in History
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Karamja needs an update. It is a huge rectangular looking south of OSRS gold Brimhaven. Although Legends' Quest wasn't something I played before losing my membership, the Kharazi jungle seems like it could be travelled from north-to-south in less than 10 seconds.


The middle age of England (around 1150) was the setting for a novel I read this Summer. The characters had to walk for several days to travel from one place to the next. Walking through lawless forests was the most common method of travel, in which bandits and outlaws were constantly in your path.


Although it is fictional, the novel I have read is accurate in large part regarding the land between major towns. The only places in Runescape that this sense is evident is the Wilderness and the Kharidian desert. These are both large and dangerous, especially for those who aren't experienced travellers. Additionally, they have limited content.


First, I believe that the lodestone networks must be removed. It kills any feeling of excitement, even for novice players who only need to walk to buy RuneScape gold a specific location once. The second reason is that the clan camp should be reduced to half its current size. It removed a significant (in size) forest and caused the Falador-Rimmington-Port Sarim area to become unrealistically joined together.